Dobson Gaskets

We will happily produce a one off, or if you are a member of a car club we can batch produce at a better rate.

Producing a bespoke gasket
  1. we take your drawing, gasket or
  2. plan it out
  3. select the right material
  4. cut it - this could be die cut
    or CAD
  5. finishing inc. deburring in our
  6. Check it against the original
Our range of materials includes:
  • Non-Asbestos Products
  • Metals
  • Graphite
  • Various Rubbers and cork
  • Foams and Sponges
LRO magazinewelcome
We will happily produce a one off for your classic.
We can take the old gasket and re-template,
your drawings, or the physical component to
which a gasket needs fitting.

You can download and read our three page
special featured in Land Rover Owner
International Magazine, but we make
gaskets for all marques.

We recently produced a short run of head
gaskets for the Rolls Royce owners club,
and regularly produce gaskets for all types
of engines, exhaust systems and transmissions.